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34 Упражнения на Present Continuous

Содержание [ скрыть ]

Здесь собраны лучшие упражнения на Present Simple. Разобраться с ними вам помогут репетиторы английского языка.

А в этой статье Вы найдете все о времени Present Continuous.

Упражнения Present Continuous

Упражнение 1

Добавьте окончание -ing к следующим глаголам:

Work, swim, come, play, lie, tell, get, take, cut, drink, make, hit, sleep, try, look, walk, serve, eat, die, sit, cry, ski, travel, smile, begin, prepare, stop, listen, shave.

Упражнение 2

Дополните предложения нужной формой глагола to be (am, is, are).

Frank and Martin … watching a TV show now.

Kelly … washing her dress in the bathroom.

Our teacher … writing something on the blackboard.

It … getting dark.

The birds … singing sweetly in the garden.

I … preparing for my report at the moment.

The children … decorating the hall for the party.

The wind … blowing now.

People … speaking quietly in the conference-hall.

You … waiting for the call.

Упражнение 3

Составьте предложения в the Present Continuous Tense.


We/walk/on/the/ beach/now.

They/have/a/great/time/at/the/camp/at/the/ moment.


Tina/ and/Pam/stay/in/a/five-star/hotel.

It/rain/outdoors/at/the/ moment.


The/ dog/bark/at/some/strangers.





The/girls/choose/the/ costumes/for/the/party.

We/wait/for/the/bus/at/the/ bus-stop.


Упражнение 4

Сделайте предложения отрицательными.

Molly is translating an article.

Jack and Sam are gathering pears in the garden.

It is getting warm.

We are climbing a mountain.

You are playing basketball now.

The children are washing hands in the bathroom.

My grandfather is reading a newspaper now.

My family is having supper now.

Angela is ironing her dress now.

I’m looking for my kitten now.

Упражнение 5

Составьте предложения по образцу.

Example: Tim isn’t reading now. (to sleep) - Tim isn’t reading now. He is sleeping.
Colin and Den are playing now. (to work) — Colin and Den are playing now. They aren’t working.

Pupils aren’t writing a dictation now. (to translate the text) +

Margaret is washing the dishes, (to sweep the floor) —

The days are getting shorter, (to get longer) —

My Granny isn’t reading a magazine, (to watch TV) +

My friend and me are sunbathing, (to swim) —

The kitten isn’t sleeping, (to play) +

Greg and his boss aren’t having lunch, (to read a report) +

Cliff and Julia are preparing for the test, (to dance at the disco) —

My father isn’t washing his car. (to dig in the garden) +

I’m not learning a poem now. (to write an essay) +

You are skating now. (to play snowballs) —

I’m drinking tea now. (to drink coffee) —

My father and me aren’t listening to music now. (to listen to news) +

Упражнение 6

Поставьте глаголы в скобках в правильную форму.

Alice and Ron … (to sit) in a cafe now.

It … (not to snow) outdoors now.

We …(to wait) for our teacher in the classroom.

I … (to watch) the children playing in the yard.

The girls … (to argue) about what present to buy for Lewis.

Andrew … (not to have) a rest at the moment.

Look! All the people … (to come) into the hall.

Unfortunately our experiment… (not to go) according to the plan.

Pam … (to stand) too close to the road.

The students … (not to have) a lecture now.

Her health … (to improve) day after day.

The rainforests … (to disappear) from our planet nowadays.

The baby-sitter … (not to look) after the child because the child … (to sleep) now.

Look! The guide … (topoint) at some ancient building.

I… (not to discuss) this question now.

Упражнение 7

Сделайте предложения вопросительными.

We are gathering apples in the garden.

Mary is listening to music now.

I’m sweeping the floor in the kitchen.

The cat is running after the mouse.

The boys are making a plane.

The wind is getting stronger.

You’re building a nice house.

I’m taking a bath now.

A woman is feeding the chickens.

They are trying to catch a taxi.

Упражнение 8

Дайте краткие ответы на вопросы.

Is he peeling the potatoes? — Yes, … .

Are they walking in the park? — No, … .

Are you watching TV? — Yes, … .

Is Martin washing the car? — No, … .

Are Jane and Molly cleaning their rooms? — Yes, ….

Is the washing-machine working? — No, … .

Are you reading a magazine? — No, ….

Is Victor writing a report? — Yes, … .

Is Ann typing a document? — No, … .

Is the sun shining? — Yes, … .

Упражнение 9

Поставьте глаголы в скобках в правильную форму. Дайте краткие ответы на вопросы.

… Anna … (to type) the documents? — No, …. She … (to speak) to her boss.

… it … (to get cold)? — Yes, … . And the wind … (to get) stronger.

… you … (to look) through the papers? — No, I…. I… (to write) a report for the conference now.

… Bill and Mike … (to mend) the fence? — Yes,….

… your parents and you … (to rest) in the country house? — No, … . We … (to spend) our weekend at the seaside.

… Edgar … (to play) a computer game? — Yes, ….

… the phone … (to ring)? — No, …. Somebody … (to ring) the door bell.

… your grandparents … (to rest)? — No, …. My grandparents … (to work) in the kitchen garden.

… the kitten … (to sleep)? — No, … . The kitten … (to hide) somewhere.

… you … (to slice) cheese? — No, I …. I … (to mix) the vegetable salad.

Упражнение 10

Составьте предложения, расставив слова в верном порядке.








carpet/the/Vicky/Is/the/vacuuming/ living-room/in?








Упражнение 11

Переведите на английский язык.

Они сейчас украшают комнату.

Он ждет меня?

Мы сейчас не готовим ужин. Мы убираем кухню.

Анна не плавает сейчас. Она играет в волейбол со своими друзьями.

Вы слушаете меня? — Да, я слушаю вас внимательно.

Сейчас я отдыхаю в саду.

Мой брат ищет какую-то информацию для своего проекта.

Они сейчас не красят крышу дома. Они ремонтируют ворота.

ДЖейн сейчас принимает душ? — Нет, она готовит завтрак.

Вы моете руки? — Да.

Твои друзья готовятся к концерту? — Да, они сейчас обсуждают костюмы.

На улице идет дождь.

Exercises Present Continuous elementary

Упражнение 12

Помогите потерявшимся словам найти их предложения. Впишите слова подходящие из предложенных: sitting, is, are, am, playing, are, dancing, is, running, are

1. It raining now.

2. Look, my dog is towards me.

3. My parents sleeping now.

4. Now I am basketball.

5. Nick writing a letter to Santa Claus.

6. We learning English.

7. My cat is on the chair.

8. Alex and Nick watching TV.

9. The girl is with the boy.

10. I calling my father.

Упражнение 13

Напишите предложенные слова в местах пропуска: am not, climbing, aren’t, drinking, isn't, cooking, aren’t, lying, is not, jumping

1. Mary playing piano now.

2. My mother isn’t a cake.

3. We walking in the park now.

4. I talking on the phone.

5. Grandmother isn’t tea.

6. My dog isn’t on the floor.

7. He swimming in the pool.

8. They painting the sea.

9. The squirrel isn’t on the tree.

10. The horse isn’t over the fence.

Упражнение 14

Мы делали много дел, а теперь сидим и отдыхаем. Помоги составить предложения о том, что мы НЕ делаем сейчас, поставив глагол в правильную форму.

1. We (sing) the song.

2. Jack (play) computer games.

3. You (cook) dinner.

4. I (go) to the shop.

5. My father (wash) the car.

6. Barbara and Susan (write) the exercises.

Упражнение 15

Подберите недостающие слова: is, taking, aren’t, crying, skating, Are, going, am, is, playing, Is, knocking

1. they to the cinema now?

2. I in the park.

3. Why your baby ?

4. We football now.

5. he a shower now?

6. Who at the door?

Present Continuous упражнения

Упражнение 16

Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в Present Continuous

I (to work) now

He (eat) an apple

Natalia (write) a letter

Anna (to have) breakfast

They (to go) at work

They (listen) to music

She (sit) on a sofa

Tom (to play) football

Cats (to drink) milk

She (to read) a book

Упражнение 17

Поставьте глаголы в скобках в настоящем продолженном времени

I am ___ now (run)

She is ___ (cry)

Dog is___ (bark)

My wife is ___ the dinner (make)

He is ___ on the chair (sit)

They are___ (stay)

Tom is___ her (help)

She is ___ her parents (visit)

I am___ a newspaper (read)

I am___ a car (drive)

Упражнение 18

Составьте предложения во времени Present progressive

football / play / he

Irina / trousers / wear

rain / it

cook / we / breakfast

I / drink / coffee

The sun / shine

wash / I / my hair

wait / for a bus / he

cry / Anna

Marina / have / a shower

Упражнение 19

Переведите предложения, используя Present continuous tense

Я делаю домашнюю работу

Она ест яблоко

Ирина играет на гитаре

Том ведет автобус

Я гуляю

Он ждет автобус

Мы завтракаем

Она ведет машину

Я сейчас работаю

Альбина читает газету

Упражнение 20

Напишите вопрос и отрицание к предложению

They are having launch

She is doing housework

He is having a shower

They are playing football

Dog is barking

Masha is reading magazines

Marina is wearing skirts

They are visiting their parents

Kris is working

She is sitting on a sofa

Упражнение 21

Образуйте специальный вопрос к предложению

My friends are doing housework (what)

He is going to a shop (where)

She is cooking a cake (what)

She is waiting for a bus (what)

Anna is wearing trousers (what)

Masha is walking in a park (where)

You are waiting for her (who)

They are eating bananas (what)

Mark is driving a car (what)

You are watching TV (what)

Упражнение 22

Вставьте глаголы из списка в предложения в форме Present continuous

play, wear, use, get up, have, dance, read, watch, go, wait

They ___ dinner

They ___ early

Anna ___ the piano

He ___ TV

She ___ for a bus

Larisa ___ not ___ books

She ___ laptop

I ___ to the gym

She ___ on a scene

___ you ___ a watch?

Упражнение 23

Допишите окончание -ing глаголу











Упражнение 24

Дайте краткий положительный и отрицательный ответы на заданный вопрос

Are you reading?

Is she going to a shop?

Are they playing?

Is Anna crying?

Are Mark and Tom waiting for a bus?

Is he working now?

Is Marina having a shower?

Are children doing housework?

Are you listening to music?

Are they dancing?

Упражнение 25

Вставьте am, are или is

___ he working?

I ____ lying

She ___ watching TV

___ they eating tomatoes?

They ___ waiting for Sara

Where ___ he going?

What ___ they drinking?

Katrine ___ crying

___ he cooking soup?

She ___ wearing skirts

Упражнение 26

Какие из этих глаголов не употребляются в настоящем продолженном времени





to be






Упражнение 27

Определите в каких предложениях используется время Present continuous

I love you

He isn’t reading

Do you know?

What are you doing?

Yes, he does

Is he a student?

He is walking

She is pretty

It is my car

It is raining

Упражнения на Present Continuous

Упражнение 28

Complete the sentences

1. I __ (watch) a reality show on TV.

2. My favourite team __ (win)!

3. Someone __ (swim) in the sea.

4. Two people __ (cook) dinner on the beach.

5. We __ (not watch) a soap opera.

6. I __ (not do) my homework.

7. Mum __ (read) a magazine.

8. My brother __ (not listen) to the radio.

9. Dad __ (not cook) dinner.

10. Tara __ (talk) by phone.

11. Joe __ (play) on the computer.

12. Who __(watch) TV?

13. Tina __ (do) grammar exercises.

14. I __ (eat) a pizza.

15. We __ (sit) in the classroom.

16. I __ (not write) an email.

17. Amy __ (not go) to school today.

18. We __ (not have) fun today.

19. My team __ (not win) the match.

20. My parents __ (drive) to work now.

21. __ they __ (read) magazines? Yes, they are.

22. __ you __ (learn) English? Yes I am.

23. __ Helen __ (write) a letter? No, she isn´t.

24. __ Sarah __ (play) the guitar? Yes, she is.

25. We __ (not play) basketball.

Упражнение 29

Complete the sentences

1. Trina __ (walk) past the supermarket.

2. Where are you? We __ (wait) for you!

3. I´m on a bus and it __ (not move).

4. When __ you __ (come) to see me?

5. I __ (sit) on a bus.

6. Pete´s mother __ (not have) a burger.

7. John´s friends __ (play) football at the Sports Centre.

8. My best friend __ (sit) next to me.

9. I __ (not wear) something blue.

10. My teacher __ (not stand) behind me.

Упражнение 30

Complete the sentences

1. I __ (learn) how to swim.

2. I __ (eat) my lunch.

3. I __ (watch) television.

4. She __ (read) a book.

5. Dad __ (bake) a cake.

6. My sister __ (listen) to music.

7. Peter __ (clean) his car.

8. The dog __ (bark) in the garden.

9. We __ (sing) our favourite song.

10. My brother and I __ (play) a computer game.

11. The teachers __ (show) us a film.

12. They __ (bring) a TV in the classroom.

13. She´s bored. Her friend __ (watch) TV again.

14. Martin´s excited. Chelsea __ (win) the match.

15. I´m scared. A big dog __ (stand) in front of me.

16. She´s happy. She __ (not work) today.

17. I´m worried. It __ (rain) and I haven´t got an umbrella.

18. The teacher is annoyed. We __ (not listen).

19. What __ you __ (wait) for? I´m __ (wait) for John.

20. __ it __ (snow)? No, it __ (rain).

21. What __ you __ (do) today? We __ (go) to the park.

22. __ you __ (listen) to me? No, I __ (listen) to the radio.

23. __ you __ (watch) TV? No, we __ (study).

24. What __ you __ (do)? I __ (do) my homework.

25. __ they __ (sleep)? Yes, they are.

Present Continuous exercises

Упражнение 31

Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в форме Present Simple или Present Continuous.

1. He (to work) in the city centre.
2. I (to write) an essay now.
3. You (to go) to school on Sundays?
4. We (not to dance) every day.
5. They (to play) in the hall now?
6. Where he (to live)? – He (to live) in a village.
7. He (to sleep) now?
8. They (to read) many books.
9. The children (to eat) cakes now.
10. He (to help) his mother every day.
11. You (to play) the piano well?
12. Look! Michael (to dance) now.

Упражнение 32

Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в форме Present Simple или Present Continuous.
1. Her father (not to watch) TV at the moment. He (to sleep) because he (to be) tired.
2. Where your uncle (to work)? – He (to work) at school.
3. Your friend (to do) his homework now?
4. When you usually (to come) home from school? – I (to come) at four o’clock.
5. My sister (not to play) the piano now. She (to play) the piano in the evening.
6. You (to read) a magazine and (to think) about your holiday at the moment?
7. I (to sit) in the waiting room at the dentist’s now.
8. When you (to listen) to the news on the radio?
9. You (to play) chess now?
10. My father (not to work) at the shop.
11. Look at the sky: the clouds (to move) slowly, the sun (to appear) from behind the clouds, it (to get) warmer.
12. I (not to drink) coffee in the evening. I (to drink) coffee in the morning.
13. What your friend (to do) now? – She (to wash) the dishes.
14. Your grandfather (to work) at this factory?

Упражнение 33

Переведите на английский язык и раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в Present Continuous. (NOW)

1.Мы пишем.

2. Они не читают.

3. Она не работаем.

4. Вы смотрите?

5. Он не читает.

6. Они не играют на пианино.

7. Я не пеку торт.

8. Она не поет.

9. Ее сестра не спит.

10. Бабушка не пьет чай?

11. Твои друзья пьют кофе?

12. Она работает за столом.

13. Я пишу письмо.

14. Я делаю упражнение.

15. Мальчики не плавают в бассейне.

16. Они играют в футбол?

17. Моя сестра моет пол.

18. Моя подруга помогает своему ребенку.

19. Ты помогаешь папе?

20. Ученики читают интересную историю.

21. Они читают книгу.

21. Она идет в школу.

22. Они читают?

23. Твоя бабушка кушает конфеты?

24. Джон готовит ужин.

25. Билл бегает в парке.

Упражнение 34

Переведите на английский язык, употребляя глаголы в Present Continuous.

1. Я читаю.

2. Он не пишет.

3. Мы не работаем.

4. Вы читаете?

5. Он спит?

6. Ник и Майк играют в футбол.

7. Кэйт играет на рояле.

8. Она не поет.

9. Моя сестра спит.

10. Папа пьет чай?

11. Твои родители пьют чай?

12. Я не сплю.

13. Она сидит за столом.

14. Мы делаем упражнение.

15. Мы не купаемся.

16. Они игра­ют во дворе?

17. Нина и Энн моют пол.

18. Ник помогает маме.

19. Ты помогаешь папе?

20. Моя сестра читает интересную книгу.

21. Они идут в школу.

22. Вы идете в школу?

23. Он работает?

24. Твоя бабушка идет в магазин?

25. Он поку­пает конфеты.

26. Что делает твоя сестра?

27. Где играют дети?

28. Почему ты смеешься?

29. Куда они идут?

30. Что несут эти мальчики?








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